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Von Willebrand factor (vWF, or VWF), glycoprotein that plays an important role in stopping the escape of blood from vessels (hemostasis) following vascular injury. Von Willebrand factor (VWF) works by mediating the adherence of platelets to one another and to sites of vascular damage.

von Willebrand Factor Monday, July 9, 2018 (Central USA) Severe von Willebrand factor deficiency, known as „Type 3“ von Willebrand disease (VWD), was recently diagnosed in a one-year old male Australian shepherd. The sample was submitted for VWD screening from a …

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Von Willebrand factor (recombinant) Uses, Side Effects

Mar 06, 2020 · Von Willebrand factor is a naturally occurring protein in the blood that helps blood to clot. People with an inherited blood-clotting disorder called von Willebrand disease do not have enough of this protein in their blood. A lack of von Willebrand factor can cause uncontrolled bleeding.

Definition of von Willebrand factor : a large glycoprotein clotting factor circulating in blood plasma that mediates platelet adhesion to collagen at sites of vascular injury, that binds to and protects factor VIII from degradation, and that is deficient or defective in individuals affected with von Willebrand disease — called also VW factor

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Von Willebrand Factor May Hold Key to COVID-19 Severity

Sara Karlovitch, Assistant Editor The severe course of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be tied to the von Willebrand factor (VWF), according to a new hypothesis out of St. Petersburg University. VWF is one of the main components of the blood coagulation system. Clotting is a significant part of the deaths from COVID-19.

Apr 22, 2003 · The von Willebrand factor (VWF) glycoprotein is a useful marker for endothelial cells. It functions as both an antihemophilic factor carrier and a platelet-vessel wall mediator in the blood coagulation system.

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Von Willebrand Factor – an overview

von Willebrand factor (factor VIII-related antigen) is a large glycoprotein that is present in the plasma and endothelium and binds to other proteins, particularly factor VIII, preventing its rapid degradation. It is absent in von Willebrand’s disease.

Nov 04, 2009 · Von Willebrand Factor is a huge multimeric protein that is made by megakaryocytes and endothelial cells. It functions in both the initial, platelet-plug phase of hemostasis (in which it glues the platelets to the endothelium), and in the second, fibrin-forming phase of hemostasis (in which it serves as a carrier molecule for factor VIII that

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von Willebrand Factor

Von Willebrand factor (vWF or VWF) is a protein that is one of several components of the coagulation system that work together, and in sequence, to stop bleeding within the body. VWF testing measures the amount of the protein present in blood and determines how well the protein functions.

von Willebrand Factor Antigen – von Willebrand Disease is the most common hereditary bleeding disorder; it may also be acquired. von Willebrand Factor is necessary for platelet adhesion to injured endothelium. von Willebrand Factor Antigen is useful in assessing the quantity of von Willebrand Factor.

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Von Willebrand Factor – our top endothelial marker

Apr 22, 2003 · Von Willebrand Factor antibody (ab6994) datasheet. The von Willebrand factor (VWF) glycoprotein is a useful marker for endothelial cells. It functions as both an antihemophilic factor carrier and a platelet-vessel wall mediator in the blood coagulation system.

VONVENDI [von Willebrand factor (recombinant)] is indicated for on-demand treatment and control of bleeding episodes and for perioperative management of bleeding in adult patients with an option to be dosed independently of recombinant factor VIII (rFVIII), based on patient need as determined by monitoring levels. 1 Give your appropriate adult patients the 1 and only recombinant von Willebrand

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Von Willebrand disease


Von Willebrand factor is synthesized and secreted by vascular endothelium to form part of the perivascular matrix. Von Willebrand factor promotes the platelet adhesion phase of hemostasis by binding with a receptor on the platelet surface membrane (glycoprotein Ib/IX), thus connecting the platelets to …

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Von Willebrand Disease: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Feb 16, 2017 · Von Willebrand disease (VWD) is a disorder that makes it hard for your blood to clot. This happens because you don’t have enough of a clotting protein called von Willebrand factor (VWF). It …

von Willebrand Disease (abbreviated vWD) is an inherited bleeding disorder caused by lack of von Willebrand factor protein (vWF). This protein circulates in the blood stream and must be present at the site of blood vessel injury in order to control bleeding from that vessel. Von Willebrand disease is a distinct disorder, it is not hemophilia.

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What is von Willebrand Disease?

Who Is Affected

Von-Willebrandov faktor antigen je laboratorijski test koji se koristi u otkrivanju uzroka obilnih i učestalih krvarenja, naročito kod osoba čiji članovi porodice imaju Von-Wilebrandovu bolest ili hemofiliju; u otkrivanju Von Willebrandove bolesti i razlikovanju tipova ove bolesti; u cilju otkrivanja drugih poremećaja zgrušavanja krvi.

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Von Willebrandův faktor (vWF) je glykoprotein, který se účastní hemokoagulace.Jeho nedostatek nebo defekt se projevuje jako von Willebrandova choroba, ale také se podílí na vzniku řady onemocnění, jako je např. trombotická trombocytopenická purpura, Heydeho syndrom, a pravděpodobně i hemolyticko-uremický syndrom.

Dec 30, 2019 · Laboratory studies are directed towards documenting a deficiency of von Willebrand factor (vWF). [ 13, 14] Levels of vWF vary with physiologic stress; in …

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Von Willebrand disease


Von Willebrand factor is involved in the early stages of blood clotting. As the platelets gather at the injury site, vWF acts like glue, helping them stick together to stop the bleeding. Sometimes, though, children are born with an abnormal gene that causes them to produce too little vWF, or a defective version of it.

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VWAG : The von Willebrand factor (VWF) is a multimeric adhesive glycoprotein that is important for platelet-platelet and platelet-vessel hemostatic interactions. In addition, plasma VWF serves as a carrier protein for coagulation factor VIII, stabilizing its procoagulant activity.

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Von Willebrand disease


Aug 22, 2020 · This gene encodes a glycoprotein involved in hemostasis. The encoded preproprotein is proteolytically processed following assembly into large multimeric complexes. These complexes function in the adhesion of platelets to sites of vascular injury and the transport of various proteins in the blood.

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Antigen Background. Human von Willebrand factor (or factor VIII-related antigen) is a 270 kD multimeric plasma glycoprotein. It mediates platelet adhesion to injured vessel walls and serves as a carrier and stabilizer for coagulation factor VIII.

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Berdasarkan mekanisme defisiensi faktor Von Willebrand, baik secara kualitatif dan kuantitatif, penyakit Von Willebrand diklasifikasikan menjadi tipe 1, 2A, 2B, 2M, 2N dan 3.[2] Gangguan pada VWF dapat menyebabkan gangguan pembekuan darah, contohnya hematoma, gusi berdarah, hemartrosis, perdarahan pada trauma yang sulit berhenti, dan epistaksis

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