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Suspension tuning can be used to change the way the car behave on different track and road conditions, playing to your car´s strength to gain a competitive edge. We can reduce understeer and oversteer characteristics with the adjustments of anti-roll bar (sway bars), bump and rebound, ride height, spring rates, corner and static weights.

SUSPENSION TUNING IDEAS TO SHAKE UP THE INDUSTRY!! WIDER IS BETTER. Remember the Pontiac commercials? Everyone knows that “Wider is Better”. Anytime you widen the front EMULSION SHOCKS VS. INTERNAL FLOATING PISTON SHOCKS. Gather ten so-called “shock experts” and run this past them and MYTHS ON

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Intro Suspension tuning is the final step a lot of serious racers take in setting up their vehicles. You can spend all the money you possibly can on the best suspension components, and while you might notice some improvements, those parts aren’t set up to work together properly to …

Dynamic Suspension Tuning, DST, maximizes the technology of the bike’s suspension components by tuning the settings to your body and riding style. A DST session will have a big impact on how your bike handles, climbs, and descends. Similar to a bike fit, dialed-in suspension settings will lead to improved comfort, handling, endurance, and overall riding experience.

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Suspension Tuning FOR DUMMIES Get it dialed: A bike is only as good as its setup. This is why it’s important to spend time making sure your suspension is performing at its best. A few clicks can make your old ride feel new again.

Fine tuning your suspension settings can dramatically increase cornering OR straight line stability (you won’t usually improve both, there are choices to be made here). (Damper – the shock absorber). Bound & Rebound settings This is the dampening force of the shock absorber.

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Tuning For The Track

Jan 03, 2012 · The answer is from your suspension. Tuning your vehicle’s handling can yield the greatest lap-time improvements per dollar of any modification, as well as …

The higher the speed and the longer the suspension travel then the more critical geometry becomes. For all around performance, a balanced car with moderate changes to the springs, bars, shocks and geometry will tend to be more neutral at the handling limits and have more traction.

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suspension does matter. Here at Motorrev, we pride ourselves in being detail oriented and thorough with ever bike and client, we tune your suspension specifically to your riding style and weight to increase grip and maneuverability meaning you can dig deeper on the turns and accelerate faster on the straightaways.

Aug 11, 2020 · Suspension tuning is thought to be some magical art that only a suspension guru can do. Well, that’s partly true and partly not. Yes, it takes years of knowledge and experience to know when to do what and more importantly, how to do it.

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Rent a Quarq ShockWiz to dial in your suspension. It’s easy to use and provides six suspension metrics to help tune your fork or shock. Rental includes everything you need to adjust your suspension. Trail-side tuning sessions are also offered by Trail Labs.

You see, the problem with suspension tuning is that it’s really easy to screw things up. The changes you make could make the car feel “better” than it was before, and could actually allow a novice driver to be faster with it, but it could still be very wrong and present you with a proverbial brick wall when you reach a certain point in the learning curve.

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Durango Colorado mountain bike suspension products and services specializing in custom mountain bike suspension tuning, custom suspension spring rates and suspension valving. Home of …

Shock Therapy is the premier suspension tuning company in the off road industry. If you want a plush ride for your weekend toy or the fastest, race winning set up for your race car, we can accomodate.

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At Suspension Matters, we do our absolute best to give you the best ride on your race bike or daily commuter bike. We are all about quality when it comes to getting you track-ready. We can help you if it’s your first time getting out there or if you’ve had a wreck and need quick and safe repair jobs.

Suspension Tuning Clinics. These clinics are ideal for all levels of riders and we have seen huge gains form people just starting out to Pro level riders. Appointments are currently suspended due to trail access and safety concerns. Please send an email to [email protected] to be placed on a …

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PUSH Industries is a world renown manufacturer of performance Mountain Bike Suspension, Mountain Bike suspension Tuning Components, and Mountain Bike Suspension Service.

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Dave’s mission is to ensure that every motorcyclist anywhere in the world gets the fundamental information needed to understand the basics of their own motorcycle’s suspension. With that information all can begin to understand why setting up a motorcycle chassis and suspension is critical to rider safety for every motorcycle produced.

Suspension Tuning Experts Our mission at Moto Lab is to help clients achieve their highest level of comfort, confidence, and deliver top level personalized dirtbike suspension performance in …

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Mar 18, 2017 · We can also offer the market leading suspension tuning system device, the ShockWiz, to give you accurate and measurable recommendations!  The ShockWiz gives automated tuning recommendations based on actual ride data on air suspension*.

2 days ago · Most RC vehicles have a TON of tuning adjustments available on them, but it’s what each adjustment does that can be the big mystery. If you can master RC suspension tuning, you can make your car work at any track and on any surface. Competition X has put together a RC suspension tuning guide that explains tuning options available on most cars. While the process of adjusting the tuning …

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May 09, 2014 · Tuning Front Suspension with Spring Rate A drag race car should run the lightest front spring rate possible, without letting the shocks bottom out when making a pass. As a general guideline, lighter springs allow the car to easily transfer weight, and settle faster down track.

Motorcycle Suspension Products & Motorcycle Suspension Tuning Services. We make custom motorcycle suspension products for your favorite brands. Motorcycle Suspension Essentials. Penske Shocks. GP Suspension Cartridge Kits. Tools. 2017 Suzuki …

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Motorcycle Suspension Tuning Guide

The suspension setting process provided here is a “Basic” methodical guide to providing a way to update you current suspension to the style of riding to best suit your needs. When suspension works correctly the bike will be much more enjoyable to ride. One of the major keys to a successful suspension setup is the condition of the components.

Suspension tuning can „unlock“ potential grip, and a poorly tuned suspension can indeed lock away a lot of grip, but a happy tire is a happy tire. Secondly, the factors that dictate what constitutes a „well-tuned“ suspension are mostly related to the tire.

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Tuning 4 Link Rear Suspensions for the Drag Strip

Tuning 4 link rear suspensions can make a car launch quicker and use less horsepower to do it. Which makes you faster, so you win, get famous, and live happy ever after So, let’s get into it and find out how to do it Note: You need at least 45% of the car’s weight on the rear wheels to …

Competition Car Suspension: Design, Construction, Tuning (A Foulis Motoring Book) [Staniforth, Allan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Competition Car Suspension: Design, Construction, Tuning (A Foulis Motoring Book)

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Fine-Tune Your Suspension. Want the mountain bike of your dreams to ride like the mountain bike your dreams? It’s all in the suspension. But hey, getting the perfect setup is easier said than done—well, until now. Our suspension calculator makes suspension set up easier than it’s ever been.

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